Year 8 at Ross Intermediate

Hey everyone!!! It has been great being intermediate now. I am currently in Ross Intermediate. I am getting older by the time. I have made awesome new friends but still have my old friends. They are the same and they haven’t changed not even a bit. They are the same type of friends. I sometimes hang out with them every now and then and sometimes hang out with my new friends. I like Russell Street School better by far because it has little kids that you can help and talk to and make them get new friends. In my intermediate years so far last year in year 7 was the best because the year 8’s were funny and cool. Some of them were even pretty. I don’t like being a year 7. I hope you enjoy reading this. I might write posts every now and then if I have time. I will tell you about how I am going in my life.

Raffle For A Ride

Today at Russell Street School was the Raffle for a ride. Abby won the Raffle for a ride and she picked me and Zoe to go with her, she was going to pick Jessie as well but Jessie was going to go on a Motorbike. But then Jessie didn’t want to go in a Motorbike so she went in a Police car. Mike West from More FM rang Abby and told her to pick a few friends.

She rang me and Zoe up saying, “If I am allowed to go to the Raffle For A Ride.” And I told her, “I will ask my mum” so I asked my mum and she said, “Yes!” So I told her to tell me her address and her number. I also asked her what time do I have to be there and she said, “7:55.” So I said, “OK!” She said to me, “Don’t eat breakfast” and I said, “Why? she said because we are going to eat at McDonald. The lady gave Abby a Party Pack for wining the Raffle For a Ride, we saw Moana, Doug, Saffron, Millar and Hannah in McDonald. Doug was going to push the Wheelbarrow for Hannah to School for the Raffle for a ride. Abby ordered and she wanted Hotcakes and orange Juice, Zoe ordered and asked for the same thing and then I ordered and asked for the same thing. Gareth ordered a Combo with the Hash brown and a burger with a Hot Chocolate.

The guy who drove us was cool. We drove around the block and the Ferrari was in front of us. The guy who drove us was called, “Gareth.” He was talking on the Radio with Mike West. Gareth was talking on the radio and Zoe thought he was talking to her, Gareth asked Mike West, “What wires do I plug in for the Stereo?” Zoe didn’t know that he was talking to Mike West so Zoe answered back to him and said, “Umm I don’t know” Me and Abby were laughing because Gareth wasn’t talking to her, he was talking to Mike West on the radio.’

We had so much fun, it was awesome. Nic opened the door for us and when we got down Stephen took photos of us and we went to the classroom and talked to Jessie.

Here is a photo of the Raffle For A Ride Day!

New Zealand Wins The Rugby World Cup!

On the 9th of September the Rugby World Cup 2011 started and they hosted it in New Zealand. New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup by beating France in their last game. They felt so nervous and Steve Donald got the last Penalty kick. Aaron Cruden got an injury and had to sit out, he had to get crouches. The All Blacks had their last game at Eden park in Auckland.

Graham Henry said,”We all hope the All Blacks win, they have been training really hard.”

Dan Carter didn’t play in the finals because he got injured in the second game. He had to get crouches.

New Zealand had some parades about All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup 2011. Everyone is so excited. They also had a parade just for Aaron Cruden in Palmerston North. The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup twice now.

New Zealand won all their games in the Rugby World Cup 2011. They are the Champions!!!

By Emma and Sumayah.




Flags Of The World

India The flag of India has 3 equal horizontal bands of saffron (Subdued Orange) (Top), White, and green, with a blue chakra centered in the white band; saffron represents courage, sacrifice, and the spirit of renunciation; white signifies purity and truth; green stands for fertility; the blue stands for chakra symbolizes the wheels of life in movement and death in stagnation. Here is India’s flag!

Iraq The flag of Iraq has 3 equal horizontal bands of red (Top), white, and black; the takbir (Arabic expression meaning ‘God is great’) in green Arabic script is centered in the white band. The band colours derive from the Arab liberation and represent the oppression (Black), overcome through struggle (red), to be replaced by a bright future (White); the council of representatives approved this flag in 2008 as a compromise temporary replacement for the Ba’athist Saddam-era flag. Here is Iraq’s flag!

Georgia The flag of Georgia is the five-cross flag It was previously the flag of the medieval Georgian kingdom and had been used as the official symbol of the United National Movement political party. The Georgian national flag is a white rectangle, with in its central portion a large red cross touching all four sides of the flag. In the four corners there are four bolnur-katskhuri crosses of the same color (as the large cross). Here is Georgia’s flag!

Madagascar The flag of Madagascar. The red and white colors were of the Merina kingdom and they also symbolized the ethnic origins of the Malagasy people in Southeast Asia. Green stood for the Hova group of people who were the commoners and peasants. white represents purity, red stands for sovereignty and green for hope. Here is Madagascar’s flag!